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Make your way from one word to another by creating other words. At each step you can alter a single letter, add a letter, remove a letter, or rearrange the existing letters.

Player of the week:   davidgore   1720

Player of the day:    sueali   -13

  Top 10 list  
  1.davidgore 1569728  
  2.hanhaixingyun 265850  
  3.dearjavid 220012  
  4.du_china 194743  
  5.Teeya 159403  
  6.deuce666 145257  
  7.Andree 143940  
  8.pintu 111230  
  9.FreeAli 93415  
  10.galia 93144  
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Everyone knows the rules of this game. Guess a hidden word before other players do. But remember that you can make no more than five incorrect guesses. PLAY NOW!

Player of the week:   cannae   1034

Player of the day:    cannae   54

  Top 10 list  
  1.wowcool 127454  
  2.galia 115059  
  3.thrace 114824  
  4.Teeya 95033  
  5.du_china 76866  
  6.FreeAli 70039  
  7.dearjavid 62405  
  8.yogi2india 53403  
  9.sueali 47644  
  10.Andree 46010  
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