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Native Language: Chinese
Studied Language: English, Speak little mandarin
Country: Canada
Gender: male
Age: 50
Activity Level:
0 out of 20
Introductory Message
Hi. I am a chinese entrepreneur unfranchise owner from canada. I am expending my business to China. Looking for 7 people with leadership skill who speak fluent english or willing to learn more english to join my entrepreneur unfranchise business in China. Contact us : shengopinionoutpost@gmail.com 你好。 我是来自加拿大的一位中国企业家unfranchise所有者。我花费我的企业到中国。寻找7人领导能力谁讲一口流利的英语或愿意学习更多的英语加入我的企业家unfranchise在中国的业务。 联系我们 : shengopinionoutpost@gmail.com

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